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December 29, 2015

For me, it's fine to be different. In any condition. Food, movies, colours, etc. But it's about how we react if something comes and it's not ours.
For example, when I brought a bag. Maybe about a week ago. My friend told me that she dislike every product with that brand. She said the model is too simple, the material is too bad, and the price is too expensive. Bad bag with an expensive prize. I know that she exactly known that my previous bag has the same brand. I was having many bags with that brand. How can she tells me just the way she dislike the brand?
There are so many words to create. So many phrase to say...
So people, it's not about what did you like or dislike. It more than just saying what we are thinking. It's about connecting each others. So please be polite. I don't ask you to lie to your friend, but I order you to react positively.
Bad thing that told by a good word still a bad thing, but if it's told by a bad word then it will be worse thing.
Thankyou for reading. Be nice!

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