Me, Bandung and Bosscha

September 11, 2015

Hello Mr. Bosscha. Before I live in this city, (the same city that u always fall in love with) I always called your Bosscha name with boss-sya sound.

Let me tell u something Mr. Bosscha.
Bandung is like a dreamland of me. At the old time, I told my friend that one day I'll live here. Here in Bandung. Now I'm here. Breathe it's air everyday inside my lung. Drink it's water everyday. Spend the night, days, weeks, in Bandung. I don't feel any regret being far from home (the most comfortable place in the world) because this is my dreamland...

Don't worry Mr Bosscha, because you are part of my dream. I heard your name since i was a child. I wonder someday I'll come to your place. Not just the observatory, but I'll come to the heart of bosscha. The Malabar tea plant...and your wonderful house...

So, thank you so much for you Mr. Bosscha. Thank you for kept Bandung, thank you for your kindness, thank you for become part of my dream.

Thank you for everything you've done for Bandung...
R.I.P Mr Bosscha.

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