September 06, 2014

Apa yang kau rancang untuk hidup? muda foya-foya tua bahagia mati masuk surga? bersenang senang selamanya? C'mon man, wake up!

Mr Hamran said: Wiwiting mulyo jalaran kuate doa lan wani rekoso. Kalau diterjemahkan kurang lebih “the beginning of a glory life start from a pray and try hard!”

So, I do praying and trying. Harder!

Start from many months ago, when I almost pass my bachelors degree at pharmacy, i force my self to get out from my comfort room. Just stay at home for a long waiting is too bored. So I get a job even i’m still student. Apothecary’s assistant. For the first time i got my official salary. I know it’s not much but it’s complacent! I forgot about how many rupiah that i get. Initially i’ll give it to my mother, but she refused it, she said: this is your own fee, yur own money. Have fun with this properly!

After become an apothecary student, i decided to quit from my job. The only reason is, i wanna be focuse. I’ve many targets. Cumlaude is one of them. I know better than everyone that my bachelors is out of “good end” criteria. So i don't wanna loose this moment. I again force my self to do more and more. And the result is, I got cum laude for my Apothecary Profession. You know, its not easy to get it.

So, what’s a life? Is it just let the time goes day by day or challenge your self and make it more then just predictable.

And now, i'm here. Far away from my hometown, this is Bandung! This is my new job journey. Start in about a week ago, i joined an interview of a pharmaceutical industry. And i got it. Now, im a part of Quality Control Supervisor of Finishing Product. How many times i’ll be here? God knows. J

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2 komentar

  1. Ok so i stumbled upon your blog when I was googling job seekers and their experiences.
    I couldn't understand the first paragraph, though. LOL

    Sooooo i see that you quit from your previous job. Did you quit cold turkey or were there any phases that happened during the wanting-to-quit period?

    I've been thinking about quitting my current job. It's been yielding and I am satisfied with it, really. However the problem is that I feel like I'm not suited for this type of 9-to-5. Sheez, how i want to quit so bad!

    Are you happy with your new job?

    1. Hello,
      It's normal if u don't understand what i'm saying on the first paragraph. That's Bahasa. Indonesian language.
      If u ask me about how do i feel right now, honestly, I'm cozy with my new job although i still learning to do all this properly.
      It's all about passion. Follow your passion. U'll find yours!
      That's my opinion. :)