Letter to Mr. Putzel

January 04, 2014

Sir, before you read this, let me tell you that my English is not good enough, so i hope you wanna try to understand what am i writing. If you won’t, you can stop here right now.
Im an Apothecary student, many days ago my lecturer give me an assignment to make a report from a youtube video. Yes, thats your reportation about cigarette in my multiproblem country. I said multiproblem because there are many cultural, many religion, many kind of people. Of course that mean many problem. You know, every people have a different problem right?
Sir, even the world said our landscape is wonderful, kuta Bali has a great wave, bunaken has amazing underwater view, sunrise and sunset on mt. Bromo is make an unforgatable momment, but our people still live in a stagnant situation. Poverty. Poorness. It’s an massive irony. It’s like a mouse die in a rice barn. One of many factor that make poverty still a massive problem in my country is the level of education. And the level of education usually affect the awarness especially health awarness.
I don’t know why many people prefer to choose cigarette than milk for their baby, or just have some breakfast. This is our challenge to solve the problem, but with your reportation, you make it more focus. Start from many days ago, I prefer to talk to people who still enjoy their cigarette. I do’nt care it’s effective or not, i just won’t to lose by the situation. I choose, i live.

So, thank you so much for you Mr. Putzel and team, I hope some day I can meet you directly...

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