What am I waiting for?

December 12, 2013

did u know, what's the meaning of every second that left?
i do
I call it, a chance...

Chance never comes twice
Chance never comes it self
Chance should be sought
If we hold it, we should never let it go...

I gave u that chance
Even I know that u never come
Someone told me to be strong
Another told me to be brave
But you told me to give up
You said, this is the end story in this life... let's begin in another life...

So, what makes me wait?
What am i waiting for?
If you want to know, you have to believe
In fact, we're separate in a different life
But your soul is always be here...
Near beside me...

So, don't ask me to give up or force me to just let it go...
I'll come again someday
Of course not to meet you
just to remember you
just to tell somebody about you and your short life...

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