Brotherhood (part Wonosobo)

August 31, 2013

Menjer Lake is one of many places that we have to see when we are in Wonosobo. Menjer is a volcanic lake that "created" by eruption of mt. Pakuwaja. It's 70 hectare broad and about 45 m deep, located in Maron, sub district Garung, Wonosobo regency or about 500 m from my householder's home. It's named Menjer because Maron is a new village that named Menjer before. Formerly, the water of this lake comes from some little fountain and depend on rain season.


another conduit

a bridge above the conduit

Then in colonial era, they build a hydropower from this lake. So they dam Serayu river partly to drain the water to the hydropower by big pipes. We can see that pipes when we drive in the hydropower to the lake. The street toward the lake was so beautiful with many pine trees on the roadside.

winding road

front gate

This gate isn't always open, but we can entry by the side gate. The ticket is very cheap, its only 3000 rupiah for adult. Or if we're "lucky", we can enter for free because there's no stand guard one their place.

88 stairs

journalist's hill

Before we reach the lake, we must down the 88 stairs. On the one side, we can see a "carving" from journalist association that plant many trees around the lake and they named journalist's hill.

And.. this is the beautiful place named Telaga Menjer (Menjer Lake)

Unfortunately, fog was move down when we got there. So, the mt. Pakuwaja doesn't appear. Other bad thing is people make it worse by throwing the garbage to the lake, like snack wrap, drinking bottle, and other plastic waste. 

i'm not a people who can solve every problem. I just try to make it better by stay on the rule, God's rule.
I do realy want go back there soon...

to be continued

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