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June 24, 2013

Before u read this, I warn you that my English is not pretty good, oke.
Finally, yeah... my blog was renewed with a new header. Its still pictures that I taken from any moment. Here it is...
That big smile picture is Aldy Galih Prayoga. I took that when we joined to Community Assistance Program. Its university program. Turn down to the smaller pictures from left to right are Muhammad Ardiansyah. He was the head of the faculty student executive board. I took that picture when we held MASTA (Masa Taaruf Mahasiswa) its program to welcome the new students. The next picture is Sultan Hamengku Buwono X. He is the governor from Special District of Jogjakarta. That picture was taken when Merapi was erupted on 2010. In that night, Sultan gave information about the situation of Merapi to journalist. I joined the meeting though i'm not a journalist yet :-)  The two next picture is Muhammad Fuady and ARTSI fire. He's like a brother for me. He always help me produce something that i need for many event. Clothes, pin, sticker, name tag, and more. That picture was taken on ARTSI (the fire picture) event. He played the guitar dramatically. Another picture from a guitar player was Ahmad Fauzan. He's my classmate but he graduate first than me. Ahmad Fauzan played the guitar in the MOCCA. Its a charity event. The next one is my little nephew named dhiya. Sometimes, in a early morning, we go to the beach just for breathing a fresh air. People said its good for our lung. Move down to the left, it an Indonesian Flag. Combination of red and white at the blue sky. Sky of Suroloyo hill. That flag really means for me because it was hoisted for the student with autism syndrome in Surabaya. The two next picture are Ginna Zabrina and the great Borobudur Tample. I, ginna, and the others go to Borobudur and got the session at the Borobudur park. The next is situation from Masjid Ulil Albab when Mbah Maridjan was died because of Merapi eruption. Mbah Maridjan's son work in Islamic University of Indonesia, so before the funeral ceremony, the bodies was brought to the masjid for a prayer. I joined ADI TV's reporter to get in to the masjid because there were tens maybe thousand people want to get in to the masjid to pray for Mbah Maridjan. And the last one is Ferdy Firmansyah's hands counted the charity for Merapi eruptions.
Thanks for reading my unstructure writing, ill do the best next. English isn't easy right?! :-)

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