Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, don't be "Repot"

February 08, 2012

So people, what do you think after seeing this picture? That's true if you think it's garbage. Exactly, plastic garbage. This picture took from a camping groud around Lawu mountain, Center of Java. I think, it's an evidence that sometime ago many people come here and they forget leaving their garbage. Let's see this picture closely, there're many bottle, snack wrap, plastic bag, carton, etc. Most of them are, PLASTIC. Things that we've to know is, this is not easy to make it foul, and just dissapear... in fact, plastic doesn't foul all the time. Only one way to make it just dissapear, burn it off! People always use that way to solve the problem of plastic waste. Even my aunt use her plastic garbage to fill her traditional stove. Almost every morning, my aunt's house become like a cave, dark and smoke. Surely i said, this realy not good for our health. I've try to live in her house and almost every morning, I've got like blown.

And, what's the solution?
Sometimes ago, my lecturer tells us about his new portable drinking bottle (my own named), may be thats not important for me to know it... BUT he invite us to think... from the simple think like mineral water that we can buy it as often as possible. Almost every day we buy it. It can be three times a day or just once. From one time we buy it, we have one bottle that will be a garbage. And, from second times, we have two... and and and and.......
Okay, one time I think thats realy no problem because it's good for our health if we consume more water, no matter how many bottle that i throw become a garbage. Moreover, the bottle can give other people live by collect it and sell it.. Where's the wrong??!! The wrong thing that i never think befoe is, the earth... Earth's become older every day, earth's become fragile... and the garbage that i throw make it worse... Especialy for plastic (bottle made from plastic, right?!), that can't be decompose..
My, lecturer was right, absolutely right! Bringing a portable drinking bottle (i said, it's my own named) everytime can reduce the plastic garbage, reuse it because it can be use again and again. What about the recycle? From plastic garbage, we can make many cretivity like bag from snack wrap, key string, dolls, pin, and many other good things.
So, what are you waiting for, out now to the store and buy the portable drinking bottle that u like...
REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.... it's not "Repot" (like difficult)

Picture : original PHARMATOGRAPHY
Text : Nurul Fathimah

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