August 26, 2011

I try to write in english, although it's not easy. I use javaness lenguage on my daily, and bahasa Indonesia on my formal activity. So, u can imaging how hard it's. But don't worried, because i got A on my English class. The A point on my english is full of responsibility because people around think that I'm expert on it. When they meet serious problem with their journal or something else... Easily, tehy come to me. Thats people trust of me...

Talking about trus, in this time (last day of Ramadhan) almost every muslim got full charge of their trust to god. It's difficult to translate word by word to descript it. But there's a magic power that make muslim easily going to masjid in every shalat times, read the holy quran anytime, giving, doing sunnah, and many others thing that goodness. Ramadhan, make it happen!

There's no 'real' evidence that can guarantee people who do that things, they just strongly hold the Lord's promises that printed on the holy qur'an, delivered by Rasululloh, Muhammad saw. And here is the BIG trust happen. Something that still mystery maybe generaly we can called magic, supernatural, mystical, etc can be trusted by the muslim people of the world in every age, every era. And, nobody lost that promises. One by one, every single word in the holy qur'an happen in our live...

Al-Qur'an contain of everithing in the past that can be our reference in live, everything that current happen, even the things in the future. Subhanalloh...
I'm done with my 30juz of the qur'an this morning, and when I read the "doa khatmil qur'an" (prayer after finished full read of the qur'an) I find a wonderful word inside. The word explain every single word in arabic (alif, ba, ta, etc) into godness word.

bil alif, alfatan,
bil ba'i barkatan,
bil ta'i taubatan,
continue into... wabil ya'i yaqinan.
Amin ya Robbal alamin...

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